Windows, Doors, and Siding Warranty

Did you know that on average most installation warranties covered by window and door replacement companies range from 2-5 years after completion of the project… if they even offer an installation warranty?

Here at Nex-Gen, we are proud of our workmanship and the individuals that perform it We believe that the product is only as good as the installation behind it We offer a no question Peace of Mind Protection warranty on all fiberglass replacement products.

What that means to you:

Above and beyond the manufacture provided warranty of the product you will have no charges. If there are any questions regarding the workmanship and products that were used in your project, we will fix the problem for as long as you own your home.

Peace of Mind Protection Warranty

All fiberglass replacement products are protected by Nex-Gen Home Exteriors for as long as you own your home.

Regular wear and tear that affects the performance of the product are covered for as long as you own your home.

Nex-Gen will provide scheduled maintenance protocol and procedures to ensure longevity and the well being of the product This includes annual check-ups that provide proper maintenance on the products replaced by Nex-Gen.
All labor costs, even on manufacture defected products, will be be included in our Peace of Mind Protection warranty. This includes: part exchange, staining of the product, and delivery and service fees.


  • In cases of natural disaster or vandalism, homeowner’s insurance replaces your fiberglass windows and doors.
  • Intentional misuse and abuse of the products are not covered by our Peace of Mind Protection warranty.
  • Petroleum I PVC I vinyl based products are not included in the Peace of Mind Protection warranty.

This is all in place to ensure your satisfaction and enjoyment of the products installed by Nex-Gen Home Exteriors.

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