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Get everything you’re looking for in a Nex-Gen door

From state-of-the-art doors made with Ultrex® fiberglass material to sliding patio doors, the benchmark in the industry for style and hassle-free operation. The hinged swinging patio doors are not only made to perform with style and beauty, but also to make your entryway functional with a contemporary or traditional design. Nex-Gen doors offer you much more than traditional doors. You get total value for your money backed by performance, superior materials, reliability and expertise as well as customized design. Nex-Gen Infinity doors are no doubt the number one doors in the industry

Superior Materials

  • Ultrex Infinity Fiberglass
  • Strong, durable, low expansion. and low maintenance
  • Incorporate traditional wood designs with modern features


  • High quality product that is low maintenance and durable
  • Made to withstand the fluctuating Colorado weather
  • Low thermal expansion rates to keep the window and door tight
  • Reduces risk of cracks when temperatures rise and fall

Appearance and Design

  • Made by experts
  • blend classic and contemporary designs
  • Easy to clean and effortless to operate
  • Durable and Trendy.

Total Performance

  • Highly rated in the market with Energy Star
  • Meets energy efficiency guidelines
  • Strong DP rating means doors can withstand pressure and remain weather tight
  • Low U-F actor means doors prevent heat from escaping
  • Hallmark certification

Reliability and Expertise

  • Nex-Gen replacement products put your mind at ease
  • Service that fits your needs and project
  • An expert you can rely on and trust
  • Local company backed by a national firm

When taking on a replacement project, there are many important performance and maintenance considerations. Nex-Gen products offer high-end performance so you won’t have to worry about incurring more maintenance costs. They’re designed to be durable and strong as well as easy to operate and clean.

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