Window Replacement in Longmont

For residents of Longmont, Colorado who are building new houses or simply replacing existing windows, Marvin Infinity is your brand of choice when looking for windows. We have an array of styles to brighten your home. Infinity windows are designed in to maintain the look of traditional wood windows while providing modern features and low maintenance performance. They are made from Ultrex® fiberglass which is a type of strong durable pultruded fiberglass material. All windows made from Ultrex® fiberglass are superior to other windows made of traditional materials e.g. vinyl. They are easily customized to suit each individual.

Ultrex® windows provide excellent value for money based on their performance and appearance as discussed below.


An Ultrex® window is designed to perform in all types of climatic conditions through its entire life. Key performance features include:

  • Superior strength: Ultrex® strength allows for narrow frame profiles which mean more glass area compared to other windows. This provides better views and more daylight.
  • Lifetime durability: Ultrex® is 8 times stronger than vinyl and is as strong as low carbon steel. This means that our windows provide superior stability and easy operations over long periods of time.
  • Low thermal expansion: An Ultrex® window has the ability to withstand all kinds of extreme weather condition. This means that unlike vinyl which easily distorts in extreme heat and crack in fluctuating temperatures; Ultrex® windows have low thermal expansion rates which keep them stable in all weather conditions. They have reduced seal failures and superbly resist warping, sticking, discoloration, rotting, corrosion, rusting, denting and swelling. They never require painting, scraping or sanding. They are maintenance free. High Energy Ratings: Marvin Infinity windows have high energy ratings which can reduce annual energy bills by up to 33%.

There are two types of windows we carry:

  • Low-E2: Blocks up to 84% of UV rays to reduce damage and fading on carpets and upholstery. It ensures all year round thermal efficiency by retaining maximum indoor heating during winter and reflecting outdoor summer heat.
  • Low-E3: Increased performance for locations that experience high solar exposure by blocking 95% of UV rays while maximizing visibility and light.

Windows with Aesthetic Perfection

Ultrex® windows have a unique mechanically patented bonded finish that is 3 times thicker than other finishes. Due to the high performance features described above, Ultrex® windows will always appear new over their entire life time. Infinity windows maintain a traditional appearance while providing narrow views to maximize your view.

Key appearance features include:

  • Hardware: Home owners can choose from a variety of finishing touches trough a variety of hardware finishes that suit their needs. These include: white, brass (antique & oil-rubbed), sierra, satin (nickel & taupe) and brushed chrome
  • Decorative glass: This is ideal for home owners who require natural sunlight indoors and maintain privacy. Decorative glass options include: chip, frost, glue, narrow reed, obscure and rain.
  • Finish: Choose from a variety of finishes including: bronze, cashmere, pebble grey, sierra and stone white.

With all these unique features, you can find the right item for you and whatever rennovations your planning. There is no nee for you to settle for anything less.

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