The gutter system is probably the most neglected component in homes in Fort Collins, Colorado. In fact, most of us only think about it when we notice issues such as clogging, leakage or water damage. When these problems become noticeable severe damage might have already occurred.

Gutters serve a very critical function in your home. They control the flow of rainwater and in turn protect the roof, walls, foundation and landscape. So, you should give them regular attention as part of your maintenance schedule. Here are 5 reasons you should check your gutters today:

1. Cracked foundation

Clogged gutters are undoubtedly the primary cause of foundation & basement water problems. When it rains, water overflows and can weaken the footing of the foundation wall and eventually lead to cracks. This may especially be the case in the colder months of the year when water at the foundation tends to freeze, resulting in severe cracks. If you have a basement, then you also have to worry about possible leaks due to the built-up water at the foundation.

2. Interior damage

When you unclog your gutter system regularly, you can prevent damage to your ceiling and other internal structures of your property. Blocked systems can let rainwater run into the inner parts of your roof area, go past fascia boards and reach the ceiling. The result is water stains, swelling or bulging with water. Additionally, vital components like insulation, light fittings and electrical wiring can be compromised. You might even have to replace or repair your roof structure sooner rather than later because its integrity will be damaged.

3. Mold growth & insect infestation

Apart from causing costly damage to a home’s internal structure, the seepage of excess water into cavity spaces can lead to serious health issues due to mold growth. Mold is known to thrive in damp or wet conditions and can cause or aggravate respiratory as well as allergic conditions. Moreover, removing mold from your home can be labor-intensive and outright costly. Clogged outlets in your home will also attract termites, mosquitoes, ants and other pests to your home – which are not only a nuisance but can also cause more problems.

4. Compromised sidewalks and driveways

Overflowing gutters can also deposit water on your walk and driveway, where it could freeze in winter and pose a tripping hazard for you and your family. Moreover, it can cause the driveways to sag and eventually crack. While such repairs may seem minor, they could cost huge sums of money in the long run yet can be avoided by regular cleaning and proper installation of spouts.

5. Damage to siding and perimeter

When you include gutter cleaning as part of your regular home maintenance schedule, you can ensure that it works as efficiently as it should, directing water away from your home. This will in turn prevent your siding from being damaged by continuous exposure to back-splash or water collecting around the perimeter and possibly damaging the foundation and ruining your expensive landscaping.

If you’d like more information about maintaining or upgrading your home, we’d love to hear from you. Nex-Gen Exteriors can guide you through which kinds of home improvements (in particular windows, doors and siding) will help enhance the overall beauty and value of your home.

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