Replacing Your Wood Windows

Are you looking to replace your wood windows? Love the beauty that wood can bring but tired of the maintenance? Then you may be interested in our Infinity EverWood windows. This product offers the look and feel of wood without many of the different problems you encounter with real wood windows. EverWood windows are made with inorganic materials, and therefore will not absorb moisture, expand, contract, or decay over time. Instead, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of these durable windows year after year. Customize your windows by staining them just like real wood to compliment any existing interior wood work in your home.  Want more information? Contact us today!

Ready to Replace Your Wooden Windows?

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Wooden Windows That Last a Lifetime

All Nex-Gen windows and doors consist of wood brick mould casing. You can customize the casing as per your requirements. Some wood window casings include window sills, which improve the functionality of the casings. They enable a surface area for installing and securing window treatments. Nex-Gen windows are available in different sizes, types, styles and options. You can select from a range of Nex-Gen windows and doors to suit your tastes and the decor of your home. Known for its thoughtful refined approach in expressing their client’s point of view with vibrant, liveable and luxurious results, Marvin Infinity windows create home solutions that are elegant and sophisticated with an unexpected twist. Each product is made to your exact specifications and delivered on time.
At Nex-Gen Home Exteriors, we believe in quality. Therefore, we use the finest quality materials to design and construct unique, yet durable windows and doors. All products are tested and inspected. It takes expertise to pull off a quality design that is creative, unique and detail oriented. Therefore, our entire team of experts works closely with our clients to understand their requirements. We help to capture your personality through design, and help you develop design concepts that truly transform your space into a comfortable, unified environment.  Customer service is the backbone of any company, and we are proud of our customer support. Our help desk is available 24x7 to provide you the best possible personal service.

Wood Casings

Wood casings offer a great way to add subtle character and beauty to a door or window in your home. Nex-Gen wood mouldings and casings enhance your living space by adding designer window casings and transform your boring space into an aesthetically pleasing and functional area. They provide an accent piece around your window and act as a transition piece between your home’s siding and the window.

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