Siding Installation

Insulated Siding

We offer many lines of siding including Structure EPS Insulated Siding. The added insulation in this product serves to reduce noise from outside sources by up to 30%, improve your home’s energy efficiency, and keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer. Plus, this line is treated with a safe insect repellent so that it is specially designed to keep insects from coming into your home. Because this siding is maintenance-free, you can expect beauty that will last for years, with no need to stain or paint! Not only is this a great protective and durable siding for your home, it will also greatly improve your home’s appearance. With more than 700 color shades to choose from, this realistic cedar grain siding will bring you another step forward toward the home of your dreams!

Lap Siding

Another line of siding we offer is Lap Siding. Looking for a product that will complement stucco, stone, or brick? Our Lap Siding is both beautiful and versatile, complementing a variety of facades. It is also available with a textured or smooth finish. Our siding comes in long pieces so that you end up with fewer seams and a more complete finish. It works like wood, so no special tools are required for installation. When it comes to the paint application, the process is simple because our siding comes already pre-primed. Concerned about termites and decay? Our product is treated with zinc borate, which helps to protect against these threats. And to top it off, you’ll find that this siding is resistant to splitting, cracking, twisting, and layer separation, keeping your home beautiful for years to come!

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